ARMBRUST PRO GYM FITNESS CENTERS 15270 E. Hampden Ave. - Aurora, CO 80014



We are a group of individuals who live, eat, and breathe fitness. We are passionate about cultivation a like-minded community of everyone and anyone, who takes their fitness seriously. This community is what separates Armbrust Pro Gym Fitness Center, from the competition. We are a "professional" gym for everyone! You will never feel like just another number at our club. You will be more than a member of a gym, you will be a part of a community supporting and driving one another towards your own personal bests, guided every step of the way by a knowledgeable staff who knows you, your name, your goals, and are passionate about getting you there. We take pride in being able to provide our members with clean facilities, featuring a wide variety of state of the art specialized equipment.


Our philosophy is that everyone should feel comfortable here and you shouldn't have to pay extra just to use your own club. So if you ever have any questions, or forget how a piece of equipment works, or simply just need help adjusting something, come grab us. That is why we are here. We are ALWAYS happy to help!

We also take a lot of pride in the cleanliness of our club. We never want to a member disappointed because the club is dirty. it is, one of the things we can control, so there is no excuse for that.

If equipment breaks, we are going to acknowledge and address it immediately. We have a local maintenance company, which can usually have equipment back in action quickly. There will never be a piece of equipment that is broken for 3 weeks in our club.

Make an appointment and come by to see what we have, and what a membership will offer you.

We also have professional trainers available to help you achieve your goals and assist you in the proper methods, and to help motivate you on the path to your end result... and a plan to maintain it!

We want you to check out our facility and experience our staff and atmosphere for yourself, and know first hand what you will receive for your membership. Be an informed buyer, and make an informed decisionů don't be fooled.

We offer multiple options to fit your needs.
All of our options are full access, 24/7, no restrictions.
Plans available include:
Month to Month
Child Add-on Plans
Please contact us to find out what would best fit your needs!


    Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned professional athlete, Armbrust Pro Gym Fitness Center can be the place for you. Stop by and check us out!